Get high off of lortabs 7.5

19. prosince 2011 v 0:21

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Liver failure and death is more likely than a high from smoking Lortabs. Its not recommended to take more than indicated. You may want to contact the .
I was taking 8-10 10mg per day. I've Get high off of lortabs 7.5 got it down to 2-3 7.5 now. This allows me to "function" but I feel like hell. I am planning on going cold turkey as I .
Getting started. This sidebar explains how you can quickly get going; Read and then replace with Widgets (see below) Uploading your avatars. As an edublogs user you .
hi all. i've been self detoxing since Monday morning. Today is the first day i feel normal. i've been on about 45 -50 lortab 10's for 7 months straight. I was .
I am addicted to [8]Lortab 7.5- 500 mg. I take approximately 20 pills per day and I would really like and need to get off of them. When I run out of them I go through .
Health Issues > Addiction & Recovery . I know this post is going to be long, but please bare with me and read it all! Hi, I . All I can say is there are lots of .
Where to buy percocet, snort percocet. Percocet dosing, percocet overdose - percocet capsules, buy percocet illegally krons disease percocet, percocet vs oxycodne.
Lortab is similar to vicodin. That means it has hydrocodone (an opiate like morphine) and acetominophin (tylenol). It can be shot up but it is difficult and sometimes .
Lortabs is a prescription drug containing Tylenol and codeine. Codeine is a narcotic. A number of people have been addicted to Codeine. The Codeine makes the Tylenol .
OK guys, I know that I have endured a considerable amount of slack from you guys in Get high off of lortabs 7.5 . If you've only got a few, just eat the damned things. Either whole, bitten in .
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