What do callsers hear with a blocked verizon number

19. prosince 2011 v 0:35

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Block a number what do they hear Block calls comcast what does the caller hear Blocking a phone number on verizon does the other person know they were blocked Verizon .
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When you block someone's number on Verizon, what do they hear if they try to What do callsers hear with a blocked verizon number call you? ChaCha Answer: When you block a number on Veri.
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if you have an account you can go to your acct overview, and hen there is an option that says send text messages. click on that link. on that page on the right there .
I know parents can see numbers you`ve texted on a verizon cell phone bill. can they see the numbers you`ve called, or numbers that have called you?
When you add a number to your spam block list, what message does the blocked caller hear when they attempt contact? Are they informed that they are blocked .
Noble What message do callers hear when you block their number from your cell phone
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